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Leeds North West Constituency

On Sept 5 2014 Labour’s readiness to work with the LibDems secured a stunning victory on the Bedroom Tax.
Perhaps that brings back memories of May 2010.
Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 16.03.25
Remember May 2010? That was when Gordon Brown paid the price for causing the world economic banking crisis by allowing poor people to live in houses with extra bedrooms.

It was when the LibDems chose to go into Coalition with the Tories – and so, among other things, to punish those poor people who had obviously caused the melt down of the financial system.

The sight of Labour and LibDems voting together on 5 September perhaps made some people feel it might all have been different.

It prompted one of our members to send us this review of Andrew Adonis’s book about May 2010.

Alas, that book makes it very clear that the LibDems deliberately chose the Tories – and that they did…

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Cameron will be blamed for the break-up of the Union. I, personally, blame the Labour Party…

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

According to a new opinion poll, Scottish voters are set to vote yes to independence in the forthcoming referendum, YES 51% NO 49%.

Of course this is only one poll, but the trend is very clear.

Only a month ago, the polls were showing a 22 point lead for the NO campaign, YES 39% NO 61%.

Will David Cameron go down in history as the man who broke up the United Kingdom?


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Rotherham Politics

The case of Jessica was one of those Rotherham Child Sex Abuse cases reported by Andrew Norfolk in the Times. Jessica claims that when she was abducted from a Children’s Services foster home her abductor and sexual abuser was allowed to go free, un-prosecuted. She further alleged that his freedom resulted from a deal done by former Councillor Jahangir Akhtar to secure a non-prosecution deal in return for her release.

The perpetrator, Ash Hussain, was a close family friend of Akhtars, so close that once when in hospital he named Akhtars address as his home.

She stated that when she was handed over to Police Akhtar was stood nearby and that is was probably Akhtar who arranged for her abuser to be taken home.

Publicly Akhtar focused on the Police assessing whether or not he had done anything illegal despite it never being suggested by the Times that he hsd…

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Pride's Purge


Exclusive footage of militant Islamic fighters in Iraq have revealed that Labour leader Ed Miliband’s father is fighting alongside Islamic militants in Iraq.

In this photograph, unpatriotic Ralph Miliband can clearly be seen cutting off the head of a Christian baby and eating it while waving a AK-45 rifle and shouting “Allahu Akbar”:

miliband isis

The Labour leader’s father can also be seen desecrating the war graves of British soldiers with the blood of scores of puppies he has boiled alive.

And in a secretly recorded conversation with his son, we can reveal how Ed’s father admits he hates Marmite.

Next Week: Ten Unbelieveably Cute Kittens Tortured To Death By Ed Miliband’s Uncle


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